Perfect with your touch

Today’s and tomorrow’s yachts are highly complicated pieces of engineering that, in our view, should also take into account environmental issues which surely enhance the resale value of any yacht we deliver. No wonder why Tankoa yachts have been awarded multiple times most ecological/eco-friendly yachts. RINA, recently delivered 72-meter Solo with its Platinum Green Plus certificate. 

At Tankoa, our approach is to make sure our projects reach the perfection any owner is striving to achieve with his distinctive touch.

Together we create the design of your dream

Since over 30 years, the Tankoa Yachts management team has been working with the world’s most famous design studios. The cooperation with designers runs through a natural and smooth process, sharing ideas and technical priorities aiming to create the perfect design according to each owner’s unique tastes. 

We work with many designers from Italy, Holland and other countries to give clients the widest possible choice, but we are also ready to work with designers of clients’ choice. We clearly understand your usual designer knows your tastes, your way of living, your favorite colors and tones.


The fine art to interpreting dreams

Designed to fulfill your dream and vision, the technical efficiency and absolute comfort of every Tankoa yacht is linked to the inimitable “Made in Italy” craftsmanship. Each and every detail is the result of the work of world-class experts, driven by the dynamics of a teutonic organisation composed of industry leaders with decades of experience.

We invest countless resources in our technical office as efficiency, environmental preservation and comfort aboard are our priorities. Our limitless maritime and nautical culture as well as our in-house know-how, together with shared creative design and exceptional craftsmanship is a true representation of our vision of luxury.


Real innovation doesn’t need to be seen, but felt

There are invisible things we can all strongly feel; silence during navigation is one for them. The clean air winding all around you and total protection against the electromagnetic pollution are others. When at anchor, not only will you enjoy just smelling the iode and the smell of the nature flowing from the coast nearby, you will also enjoy knowing your generators are equipped with the latest systems reducing emissions in the air.

Each of our specification clearly states the noise levels in each section of the yacht, under way or at anchor. At Tankoa, our top two priorities are that our clients sleep well during the construction knowing they are in good hands, and after the delivery when they are enjoying their time onboard.